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A Joint Venture Company between leading European brand "PRISMA Srl (SpA) " in auto doors, geared and gearless machines for elevators and leading Indian brand "DSA" in elevator components. The new company boasts of offering World Class Automatic Door Solutions for all kinds of elevators from the state of the art manufacturing facility at Wada, near Mumbai.

While servicing remains important, PRISMA DSA believes in First-Time-Right-Solution and Zero Call Backs.

Features and Products
  • Automatic Door Solutions with independent rescue facility for opening doors in case of emergency.
  • Smooth, noise free operation.
  • Very simple installation and virtual nil maintenance.
  • Common spares over the entire range, if required.
  • Stainless steel clad panels to give elegant look yet remain sturdy.
  • Glass-metal as well as Full Glass - Diamond with special edge protection. (optional)
  • Slim - 115 door system best suited for modernization jobs.

Landing hanger SERIE Q Glass Metal Doors

Landing hanger SERIE Q

Glass Metal Doors for Lifts

Micro Car Operator Slim 115

Micro Car Operator - Automatic Door Solutions

Slim 115 - Automatic Doors for Elevators

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