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The TANSA integrates advance technology. It supports Simplex and group operation up to 8 shafts. CAN bus serial communication significantly reduces the number of cables and the cost of wiring. Improved operational efficiency and energy saving.

Functional Description
  • 32 bit high performance "ARM 32-bit CortexT-M3 CPU"
  • Robust CAN bus communication (2 wire serial communication).
  • Suitable for residential and commercial lifts.
  • Maximum stops up to 64 floors.
  • Real time fault logging. Fault records are accessible using Test tool.
  • Onboard 4 digit display board and keypad.
  • Supports Simplex mode and group mode up to 8 shafts.
  • Supports standard Test tool for monitoring and configuring settings of elevators.
  • Supports PC Software for monitoring and configuring settings of elevators.

TANSA - Serial Communication Controller CAN Bus Serial Communication Controller
Main Board Electrical Specification
  • Galvanic isolated CAN bus.
  • High speed optically isolated inputs and outputs.
  • Electrically isolated power supply.
  • Industrial grade controller temp range -40 C to 85 C.

Technical Specification
  • Rated velocity: 4.5 m/s (tested).
  • Power supply: AC 230V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
  • Settable Over voltage and under voltage protection.
  • Compatible Inverters.
  • Temperature.
  • Standard Cabin Dimensions.

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