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VF Controllers TANSA - Serial Comm. Controller

The iSMART CONTROLLER is the state of art; latest technology Microprocessor based controller designed for AC Geared & Gearless Elevators for Speed upto 1.5m/s and best suited for low to high rise installation in buildings catering to residential apartments, commercial buildings and hotels.

The TANSA integrates advance technology. It supports Simplex and group operation up to 8 shafts. CAN bus serial communication significantly reduces the number of cables and the cost of wiring. Improved operational efficiency and energy saving.

MRL Controller Automatic Rescue Device

MRL Controller

  • The machine-room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that often allow a significant reduction in the size of the electric motors used with traction equipment.
  • On line operation status Floor Positioning, Parameter Programming.

Automatic Rescue Device

The SMART RESCUE DEVICE is the safest automatic elevator evacuation device designed for VF Elevators. The Smart Rescue relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation.

Emergency Light    

  • DC model with instant Emergency light 'ON' at AC supply failure. Switches 'OFF' on supply resumption or after 30 minutes (whichever is earlier). Reverts back to battery charging mode on power resumption.
  • Compact and rugged unit.
  • High intensity light.

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