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VF Controllers - Elevator Control Panel The iSMART CONTROLLER is the state of art; latest technology Microprocessor based controller designed for AC Geared & Gearless Elevators for Speed upto 1.5m/s and best suited for low to high rise installation in buildings catering to residential apartments, commercial buildings and hotels.
  • SMD designed, microprocessor based Main Control board.
  • Optically isolated inputs and outputs with LED indication.
  • The iSMART Controller can be interfaced with any VVVF drive.
  • 2-line LCD display test tool for main control board for parameter programming and Field test.
  • On line operation status.
  • Logging of last 99 faults with time and date stamp with floor number.
  • Fault diagnosis resulting in minimum down time in any maintenance.

  • Product Specs iSMART CONTROLLER
    Speed (m/s) Upto 1.5 mps
    Motor KW Provided upto 2kW
    Operation Open Loop-Standard, Close Loop - Optional
    Stops (max) Upto DCL - 32 Stops, FCL - 22 Stops
    Group Operation Upto 4-Lifts
    Door Operation Auto Door & Manual Door
    Power Supply 3 Phase, 380/400/415 V, +/- 6%, 50Hz, 4Wire

  • Status of all inputs and Outputs through LED indication on Main Control board.

Special Features
  • RS-232C port of Duplex Operation.
  • Car position retained upon power failure. This is a unique feature which ensures that the elevator does not make a power-on-reset run (run to bottom floor) on resumption of power.
  • The LCD display has a built-in RTC providing Date & Time View and Counter of Starts made by the elevator.

Car Operating Panel
  • 2 mm Stainless steel hairline finish faceplate.
  • Stainless steel capacity plate.
  • Position Indicator with 7-segment Red digit display for floor, up / down direction and overload message.
  • Powder Coated MS box.

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